strADDegies for Success: Tools to prepare youth living with ADHD & Diverse-Abilities for their transition to college, work or self-employment.

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strADDegies for Success also has a series of, peer-led, professional development workshops that are informative, interactive and fun available!




Top 10 StrADDegies for Success- A ½ day intro workshop (to StrADDegies for Success workshop) to give you the introductory knowledge to thrive in your transition to adulthood.


Practical strADDegies for Client Success- Learn practical strADDegies for case workers and employers to support clients and employees living with hidden disabilities like ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism/Aspergers, Mental Health, and the like.


Emotions Management- Do you have challenges with Flash Anger? Flash anger is when you go from calm to a fit of rage within seconds.  You also typically say and do things you don’t mean and can’t remember what you did after the fact anyways. The best way to describe is like a 2 year old having a temper tantrum! This presents in road rage, explosive relationships, getting frustrated when things don’t go your way, etc. Looking for strADDegies to overcome this? We have just the course for you!


Stress Management- Learn about the root causes of stress, how to shift your perspective, and calming techniques to manage it.


Universal design- Universal design is a method that allows spaces and programs to be used by as many people as possible. Learn about techniques that can be used to implement universal design in your environment.


Mental health- Awareness of mental health is becoming mainstream, though there is still a great stigma surrounding it. Learn what mental health/illness is and how we can break down the stigma. Strategies for maintaining mental health will also be discussed.


safeTALK- This is a ½ day suicide alertness training.






Tired of the same old, boring training that leaves you wanting and needing more?


Are you struggling with how to make your business more inclusive to the 1/5th of the Atlantic Canada population who live with a disability?


Contact us today for more information on our workshops to help you make your business more inclusive to those living with ADHD and other Diverse-Abilities!

Employer myths and misperceptions- Statistics show that many people with disabilities are either out of work or underemployed. Learn about what myths and misperceptions can help lead to this and possible solutions.


Inclusion in classrooms and workplaces- What does inclusion really mean? Learn strategies about how to include everyone in the classroom and/or workplace.


How to thrive at  postsecondary and employment- Facilitated by our staff who have experienced challenges with our diverse-ABILITIES but learned practical/effective strADDegies on how to overcome them and thrive in life.


Cross-disability - resource guide- A central place for students and providers to access what is available for support.


Disability etiquette/confidence- Tips on interacting with persons with disabilities, the do’s and don’ts. Also, how to become confident in these interactions.


Self-advocacy- Learn about self-advocacy, the importance of it and how to accomplish it.


*** All workshops can be adapted based on the client's needs***


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