strADDegies for Success: Tools to prepare youth living with ADHD & Diverse-Abilities for their transition to college, work or self-employment.

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Are you one of the millions of youth and adults living with ADHD or other Diverse-Abilities?


Are you trying to figure out what to do with the rest of your life? College, Work, Self-Employment?

Wish there was a program that could prep you for that transition and help you source funding and accommodations?

                          NOW THERE IS!

Interested or know of someone who is interested?  


Sign up today for our December 2nd (5-9pm) 3rd (9-3:30pm) 4th (9-3:30pm) or January workshops on the weekend of January 20th  (5-9pm) 21st (9-3:30pm) to 22nd (9-3:30pm)


Cost: $649 for a 2.5 day course (You will get all kinds of information on how to access thousands of dollars in post-secondary and government grants and connect with various community resources to help in a successful transition)!


All programming is developed and delivered by our team of experts who live with diverse-abilities!


For more information, check out call Keith Gelhorn at 902-580-2343.